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Age Related Hair Loss in Women

 Age and female hair loss


Age related hair loss in women over 50

Did you know that 80% of all women have noticeably thinner hair by the age of 60?

There are many causes of hair loss in women but the most common is age and that is most often related to menopause. Or more accurately, hormonal changes. As women age, hair thins out and understandably the gradual appearance of a visible scalp can cause its fair share of issues. 

Who knew this is what we had in store for us as we age?

Unfortunately we are not alone and with this affecting up to eighty percent of us by the age of sixty, we decided to do something about it.


What is age related hair loss in women?


Hormonal changes and aging change the density of a woman's hair. Hormonal changes can cause the hair follicles to shrink. As they shrink, they may still grow hair, but the individual hairs themselves are much finer, often frizzy and unmanageable. 

Sometimes the hair follicles die off and do not continue to grow any hair at all. If this happens, the scalp becomes gradually visible and particularly under bright lights, or standing in the sun, the scalp is visible.

If this is you, then may we say we at Boost N Blend™ share your concerns and know how this makes you feel. This is why we have come up with a cosmetic solution that can bring your confidence back.

So, although your hair is not likely to come back, we have fabulous news for you!

The women at Boost N Blend have developed a hair-thickening volumiser just for women... and it works in just a few seconds!

Just like popping on foundation or powder every day to give your facial skin a younger, smoother look, this shake on micro fibre volumiser ads thickness to thinning hair, instantly.

Here at Boost N Blend we talk to ladies with thinning hair every day and so we know how you feel if you are gradually losing the hair of your younger days. We all expect to get wrinkles and, although we would rather we didn't, at least when they start to appear it isn't a shock. But when our hair starts to thin out as we age, it is an enormous shock.

"I was never prepared for this to happen" - Janet, NSW

Treat yourself to thicker looking hair and the confidence to know that your hair is looking fabulous again!

"I was having coffee with a friend the other day and she said she was amazed that my hair seemed to be getting thicker with age. She commented that she thought it usually went the other way. I just smiled and said nothing! Thanks BOOST N BLEND™" - Judith, WA

Boost N Blend has the capacity to completely transform your hair and appearance. Tiny, hair-like cotton fibres cling to each individual strand of hair making it appear thicker and more luscious instantly. A few examples are shown here with results achieved in just a few seconds!

Age Related Hair Loss in Women

So how do you get thicker hair like this in just a few seconds?

Follow this easy step-by-step process:

1. Choose the closest hair colour. Note that Boost N Blend blends in so well that you only need to choose the colour closest to your desired colour. An exact match isn't necessary.

2. Click here to shop now and choose the right size bottle for you. Choose between one month's supply (8g), 3 month's supply (22g) or 5 month's supply (Gift Pack).


Boost N blend helps age related hair loss in women

We are an Australian company, based in Sydney and we deliver worldwide so no matter where you are we can deliver straight to your door! This product has been designed by women, for women who suffer from noticeably thinning hair too - just like you.

Still not convinced? Does this look and sound too good to be true? Well, we have hundreds of reviews and thousands of happy customers. Check out the reviews page here and read for yourself what other women say. Women are compelled to write to us every day just to say how blown away they are with Boost N Blend.

You have probably tried many products for thinning hair that ended up being full of empty promises. We hear you! So read for yourself what other women say. Some have been so devastated by their thinning hair. You will see the renewed confidence they get from Boost N Blend as it just jumps out of the page at you while their words speak for themselves.

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