Hair Styles for Thinning Hair in Women

5 Great Hair Style Tips for Women with Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is a problem millions of women face every day. Here we suggest the best hairstyles for thinning hair, as these will improve the overall density and visibility of thinning hair in women. As well as the best hairstyles for thinning hair, we also have a convenient, super easy trick – shake-in hair fibres to cover up thinning patches.

If your hair is thinning along the part line, then a zig zag part is a great idea. If this is occurring at the crown, then a shorter hair cut plus some of our shake-in fibres will help.

5 hair style tips for thinning hair

Using Boost N Blend is one of the first tricks you will learn when you start to look for hair styles for thinning hair. You may not have heard about this trick till now. Boost N Blend™ is the most amazing and simple cosmetic concealer specially designed for women with thinning hair.

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When it comes to the best hairstyles for women with thinning hair, we’ve got you covered. Here is our look book with a versatile range of styling tips you can use day in, day out.


Having a straight part will often make thinning hair more obvious. However, there is a way around that. You have seen the zigzag part used by many stars and famous women in magazines on a regular basis. Well zigzag parts are not just for the famous! You can easily do it yourself.

This is a great hairstyle for thinning hair, as the criss-cross action will hide patchy areas of your scalp. Play around with what works best for you. Shake in a little Boost N Blend™ on your usual part line, then using a comb, make your zigzag and apply a bit more. Using your fingers to pat or fluff it in, you're sure to have much less scalp showing!


It might appear that longer hair gives the impression of thicker hair, but in fact, it’s usually the opposite. When hair is long, it tends to do two things to make the problem appear worse:

  • First, due to the extra weight, it drags your hair down so it tends to sit closer to the top of your head, exposing your scalp.
  • Second, if your hair is thin throughout, then the visual effect of long, thin hair gives a more obvious, overall impression of thin hair.

Try going for a shorter hair style for thinning hair. This will make it easier to lift your hair away from your scalp. Then shake in our fibres near your scalp for instant results. Your hair will appear much thicker.



Blunt cuts give the impression of thicker hair as all your hair is ended sharply in one straight line. When thin hair is layered, it can make it look thinner at the ends. Give a blunt cut a try next time you are feeling like a change.


Back combing or teasing your hair at the roots does have the effect of lifting your hair. But just be careful with back combing. If your hair tends to fall out, heavy back combing over a long period of time can make the problem worse.


After using Boost N Blend™, lift your hair at the roots with one hand and spray underneath with a firm hold hairspray with the other. This slight lift can help to keep your hair looking bouncy and add a whole lot more volume.

Looking for causes of your thinning hair? We have that covered too. Click here to read about the most common causes of thinning hair in women. 

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More Information

One way to tell if you have fine or thinning hair is to look at the width of each hair shaft. If you take one single strand of hair and can’t feel it between your fingers, or have trouble seeing it, this indicates you have fine hair. You may also notice patchy areas of your scalp.

Here are some of the styles we recommend for women with thinning hair:

Zig-Zag Parts: A zig-zag part is a great hair style for thinning hair as the criss-cross action will hide any problem areas, while also adding extra volume.

Pixie or Bob Cut: Shorter cuts always look thicker. Length will just create extra weight, dragging down your hair to expose your scalp. A cute pixie cut or bob is currently all the rage, so why not use it to your advantage?

Loose Ponytail or Bun: For women struggling with receding hairlines, consider a loose ponytail or messy bun. It’s always better to tie your hair back loosely to avoid causing further damage to the roots. 

Made from cotton, our Boost N Blend natural hair fibre products are great hair loss concealers. The fibres are easy to shake in, and they cling to each hair shaft – making hair appear up to 10 times thicker. This is a great way to boost your hair’s appearance and hide your scalp under thicker-looking hair.

You can also create more volume in fine hair by trying a different hair style for thinning hair. Try parting your hair in a zig-zag to instantly add more volume, or even try a shorter bob or hair cut.

You can also try using Boost N Blend, our hair loss concealer designed for women with thinning hair. These natural, shake-in hair fibres cling to each hair shaft, making hair appear up to 10 times thicker. Check out our range today, and experience the difference for yourself! We guarantee you’ll see instant results.